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Reiki Master/Teacher


Christina Duncan,

Reiki Master/Teacher in the

Usui System of Natural Healing

Becoming a Healer

If you ask my clients, I am a healer.  The truth of it is that I’m really a healing facilitator.  Healing is a team effort and a client’s will to heal is crucial in the process.

I could say that I became a Reiki Master by accident but it really felt more like something out of my control.  Being a personal trainer for 20+ years, health has played a major role in my life.  It has gotten me through many personal challenges.  I had the belief that if you exercise and eat right, you can conquer anything in your life.  Where I fell short was how to deal with tragedy and stress and how it relates to overall health and it took me down twice…once in 2016 when I suffered adrenal exhaustion and once again two years later when my family suffered a tragic loss.

The blessings in these events were that they led me to the healing wonder called Reiki, a very effective energy healing modality.  I had a chance encounter with a very gifted healer named Sally.  She was a guest speaker at a networking event and led us in a guided meditation.  Meditation was NOT my thing but I resigned myself to the fact that that was what we were doing.  After a few minutes Sally asked us to review in our minds the previous year and I was overcome with emotion and had a major meltdown (in front of 30 women I must add) as the year before my sister lost her husband tragically.  Sally knelt  next to me and asked if I was okay and then asked, “So you’re a healer?”.  I thought “This ball of emotion is no healer.”.  When I looked at her about to deny it she said, “You’re a healer and let’s talk after we’re done here.”  Long story short, I went to see Sally for treatment.  I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t recovering from loss and trauma and I was also absorbing and carrying the burden of emotions of my family members as well as any stresses that my husband had. I needed help and exercising and eating right weren’t doing the trick.

In one session, my nervous system calmed and we released many emotions.  Session two released deeper grief and sadness and for the first time in many years I felt optimistic and lighter.  My healing which is ongoing led me to do Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki trainings.  The changes in my life were profound and Sally kept encouraging me to share it with others.

I offered sessions to a few friends.  Unexpectedly, my first friend sat up after her session and said, “Christina, you have to do this.  This is your calling.”  I kept doing sessions with friends and they kept encouraging me.  I finally said to my husband, “What if I can help people the way I was helped?  What if it is my calling?”

I did my Reiki Master and Master/Teacher training with Sally’s teacher, Nancy, and officially added Reiki to my list of services. 

Fast forward to now and I am blessed with wonderful clients.  To see their lives change…see their faces change and brighten…hear how they are moving forward making plans for their lives is the best part of what I do.  We cry together…we laugh together…we get angry together…we have aha moments together…and we heal together.

Why do I do what I do?  It's very simple really.  I do what I do because I want to see as many people heal as possible and become fully fit physically and emotionally.

Having been through recovery from stress-related illness and fitness-related injuries, I have made it my life's work to touch the lives of those who struggle with these same issues.  I recognize that every person needs a very personal program for healing that is designed just for them.  

In addition to offering our services, I have developed products for calming the nervous system and relieving inflammation of the muscles, joints, and skin. 

Because my clients' healing is the most important and ultimate goal, I collaborate with other healthcare professionals to offer options in healing for our clients.  We require that these professionals be top in their field and also be gentle souls...always.

I do what I do to facilitate a healthier life for you and for as many people as I can.  I look forward to healing with you.

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