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I wanted to let you know that ever since I've been seeing you I've had sustained, good, balanced energy and concentration.  Prior to seeing you many things overwhelmed me - feeding the cats, taking out the garbage, changing the bed linens, etc.  Not consistently but enough to interfere with progress on completing tasks. I feel like I did previous to this auto-immune disorder which began in 1992.  Thank you so much for helping me.  I have been up now for three months and one week.  That is a record breaker.

-Client MJ 

Before I saw Christina, I would well up with tears and grief every time I thought or talked about my parents who passed away 4 & 5 years ago.  It was such a burden.  But after one session with Christina my sorrow was replaced with peace and strength.  My pain was released and it has truly helped me to move on.  Thank you, Christina!

-Client L.

After feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed due to my work schedule I went to Christina for a Reiki therapy session.  I could instantly see her passion for what she's doing.  After my session, I felt immediate relief and very light and restored...mind and body.  Thank you, Christina!   

-Client G.

I was pet sitting my friend's senior dog for a few days and noticed that she had really declined over the past few months since I had seen her, becoming very frail and feeble.  I took her to Christina since I thought if anyone could help, Christina could.  After the session, Ms. Kotton slept for sevral hours and then had restored energy and rejuvenation.  It gave me and her owner peace of mind that she was comfortable and at peace for the next step in her journey.  Thank you, Christina.

Client L.

My training to qualify for the Senior Olympics as a triathlete came to a screeching halt when the pain in my left shoulder became excruciating.  After several months of massage, myofacial work and other modalities, it still wasn't any better, and wouldn't take much for it to cause excessive pain again.  Christina got to the root cause of my pain (stress from a personal matter) that I had no idea was impacting my body.  After my session with Christina, I was able to let go of my stress and I am finally back to training again; achieving my athletic goals!  Thanks to Christina, I have a chance at a gold medal!

-Client L.

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